9 DOs & DON’Ts in Twin Flame Communication

You can apply these tips to communication with anyone, but this list is designed to help you navigate challenges in your relationship with your Twin Flame. It’s ok to have upsets and challenges in communicating and connecting with your Twin Flame.

To have healthy, heart-based communication, follow these 9 DOs & DON’Ts!

The DOs & DON’Ts

  1. DO Relax — being with your Twin Flame, and communicating with them, can be easy and natural. It’s safe to take the pressure off yourself to make something happen.
  2. DO just be yourself — don’t try too hard or overthink it. It’s safe to be yourself and express yourself in whatever way feels good to you.
  3. DO honour your feelings! To do this, practicing awareness and paying attention to how you feel is essential. Expressing what is on your heart comes more naturally to you when you are used to listening to your heart. Letting go of judgment and being honest with yourself is key in honouring your feelings.
  4. DON’T control or have expectations — easier said than done, perhaps, but in truth, you don’t actually have control. You are responsible for yourself, your experience and feelings, and for your part of the communication. Letting go of control will also allow the conversation to flow more easily.
  5. DO respect the space in & around communication — natural, balanced & healthy communication includes pauses, silence and space. This gives you time to process, receive, and to be with yourself, to check in with yourself and your feelings.
  6. DON’T violate or disrespect your own or your Twin Flame’s boundaries — if they have communicated a boundary to you, be sure to respect it. That does not mean you won’t push on the boundary, but it is important to respect your Twin Flame and their experience. Always respect your own boundaries so that you don’t feel you are betraying yourself.
  7. DO be persistent, but DON’T be pushy — persistence means you don’t give up at the first sign of resistance, but that you continue to pursue your desire and to find the opening in your communication. Pushiness comes from neediness, and you don’t actually need anything from your Twin Flame. Needy energy is very repelling.
  8. DON’T over-apologise — it’s ok to admit when you’ve made a mistake and recognise it, but being overly apologetic and saying “sorry” all the time actually points to low self-confidence and self-esteem.
  9. DO have fun! The point is to love yourself and share that love with your Twin Flame and to enjoy being with them, to connect with them. That doesn’t mean you won’t also have serious conversations, but communication with your Twin Flame can be fun as you grow a healthy friendship!

If you’d like guidance on the next steps in your journey, you can sign up for in introductory session.




Twin Flames Universe Coach | Book a free consultation here https://www.twinflameguide.com/free-consultation

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Carina V

Twin Flames Universe Coach | Book a free consultation here https://www.twinflameguide.com/free-consultation

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